Strongwall Music

Strongwall Musicians:


Vocals - Rick Strong


Guitars - Rick Strong, Rick Stanczuk, Rheal Lanthier, Trevor Huggett


Bass Guitar - Richard Simpkins, Jon Lehti


Drums - Jim Steele, Ilkka Lehti


Saxophone - Steve Dudek


Keyboards - Terry Law


Backup Vocals - Ms. Dawn DuVall, Richard Simpkins, Victor (Pinky) Dauvin, Jon & Illka Lehti, Allanah, Terry Hughes, Rick Stanczuk, Fred Patterson


All Horns and String Arrangements - Joe Angello


Engineered by - Fred Patterson


Produced by - Rick Strong , Fred Patterson


Recorded and mixed entirely on location at KINK Sound, 128 Manville Rd. #22, Scarborough Ontario, M1L-4J5




*please let me know if i am missing anyone.*


"Thanks to all the people that made Rick's dream become a reality.

It took 25 years for these albums to be made, but with the quality of the people and the musicians that helped, it finally came into being.

This album in recorded form has now been sent to 68 countries, 50 states,10 provinces, 2 territories and now finally available on the internet."

Rick Strong


Many thanks my friend.

See you on the other side.

Rick Stanczuk


All songs written by Rick Strong/Rick Stanczuk  -  Rick Strong publishing


*(Price/King/Stewart) Ridgeway Music

**(Cordell/James) Tommy James Publishing

***(Slay/Crewe/Picariello) Connelly Music Inc.

****(D.Norad) Greg Marc Music



Below are the 5 record releases that are available (cassette jackets shown).

Enjoy everyone!

Rick Strong - Rock & Roll Dinosaur


1. Father Of Rock 'n Roll Download

2. Rock 'n Roll Dinosaur Download

3. Cruel Love Download

4. Talahasee Lassie*** Download

5. Summer Romance Download

6. Helen Of Troy Download

7. In My Books Download

8. Shout At The Devil Download

9. Linda Lou**** Download

10. Without The Moon Download Youtube Video

11. Memories Of Buddy Download

Rick Strong - Dinosaur Tracks


1. Warnin' Signs (rock version) Download

2. A.M.O.S. Download

3. King Of Horror Download

4. I Think We're Alone Now** Download

5. Beverly Download

6. Fools Download

7. Drivin' Download

8. Little Cleopatra Download

9. Baby Maybe? Download

10. Shake It Up Juliet Download

11. From Apollo To Columbia Download

Rick Strong - M.O.R.


1. Highwayman Download

2. Song For Trish Download

3. In Return Download

4. Whatever You Need Download

5. Heido-Ho Download

6. 7th Street Love Affair Download

7. Surley Shirley Download

8. You Belong To Me* Download

9. I'll Take You Home Kathleen Download

10. Canada Died Download

Rick Strong - This Is Country!?


1. Ride The Wind Download

2. Warnin' Signs (country version) Download

3. Sharon Download

4. Runnin' Back Download

5. Mama I'm Sorry Download

6.10 Wheeler Download

7. First Cowboy On The Moon Download

8. Moon Love Download

9. Crossroads Of My Life Download

10. Ribbons Of Steel Download

11. I'm Playin' Bingo Download


Rick Strong - The Best Of


1. From Apollo To Columbia Download

2. Highwayman Download

3. Shout At The Devil Download

4. In Return Download

5. R&R Dinosaur Download

6. Crossroads Of My Life Download

7. In My Books Download

8. Ride The Wind Download

9. King Of Horror Download

10. Baby Maybe? Download

11. Without The Moon Download

12. Warnin' Signs (rock version) Download

13.Mama I'm Sorry Download

14 I'm Playin' Bingo Download



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  • Bob (Wednesday, June 08 16 02:12 pm EDT)

    I just saw the video online and was interested in what else you have to offer.
    I enjoy the music very much. Has a nice oldies feel to it.

  • Freddie (Tuesday, May 10 16 01:50 pm EDT)

    Wow. Very interesting.
    I viewed the youtube video and thought i would visit here.
    Checked out few songs already and i must say i like what i hear.
    Keep up the good work!

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