Dedicated To My Friend Rick Strong

This has been a long time coming but it's finally finished!


I had the pleasure to perform and record with Rick for about 4 years.

We always had a good time and he is missed very much.


My favourite gig with Rick was at the CNE where we played just across from the roller rink.


While up on stage Rick was trying to get my attention and have me look
to my left. As i looked over Rick walked to my side of the stage and
said "Do you know who that is watching you?". I asked him who he was
talking about. He then said "The guy by the door". I then said "He looks
familiar but i'm not sure who he is", "Was he a former member of your band?" He started to laugh and then said "No, thats Glen Campbell you dummy!". Needless to say i was in shock and embarassed.


Does any have any stories about Rick that they want to share?



*** If you have any photo's of Rick or the band i would love to put them up on this site. Please attach them to email here and send to me.***

Thank you.


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