GR2R  - The Original TFC and TF2 Clan

Yes, this is the original GR2R clan.

We were established January 5 2007.

All others claiming to be the original GR2R are just imitators and/or GR2R wanna be's.

*** Do a who is lookup, they were establisted October 24 2012 ***



Original Admins Were:

Sir.Loin of Beef

Suicide Man

ReFleX  (unfortunately ReFleX is no longer around, or is he?)


We were originally one of the top 25 TFC clans and when TF2 came out we decided to extend our clan into TF2.

Over the years we enjoyed hours upon hours of exciting gaming and made many friends. It was our goal to have a friendly atmosphere, idiot free servers and welcome everyone.


Unfortunately issues came up that were not resolved and the clan fell apart.


ReFleX was the SOLE reason why GR2R clan broke up. His track record after the breakup speaks for itself. Look what he did to the clan and how he treated clan members, all the FALSE stories he was spreading about me and Suicideman, taking down the clans forums and even threatening clan members.


YES these are all undeniable FACTS, yet, most members sided with ReFleX who consistantly lied to them. (we have the demo of our meeting where we said nothing bad about ReFlex, and we have the demo of ReFlexs meeting where he slams us and tells all his lies. These are available to anyone)


The GR2R clan went from a well respected clan to a clan that is a joke thanks to ReFleX.


SIr.Loin Of Beef...


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